London may have taken the top spot on abillion’s Cities of The Future list but the wider United Kingdom too is home to an excellent selection of vegan restaurants. From Aberdeen to Bristol, Cambridge to Shoreditch, our members have wined, dined and reviewed a stunning array of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. So which names emerged tops? Here’s the list.

#1 Purezza
What forms the perfect pizza? Award-winning Purezza, the UK’s first 100 percent vegan pizzeria, might have perfected the formula.
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#2 Bonobo Cafe
Bonobo Cafe serves up comfort food in a cheery setting, like the macaroni pasta with ‘sheesy’ sauce and the much loved hot chocolate.
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#3 Black Rabbit
Who needs butter when vegan viennoiseries can be just as delicious? Black Rabbit dishes up some top notch pastries without the dairy.
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#4 Seeds For The Soul Ltd
The Edinburgh establishment is well-loved for its immense menu with everything from hearty pancakes to gyozas.
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#5 Wagamama
Wagamama, which serves up Japanese-inspired Asian fare, made waves for devoting 50 percent of its menu to plant-based dishes, winning over plenty of diners.
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#6 Yo! Sushi
Be spoilt for choice as Yo! Sushi offers up 26 vegan items on the menu, with scrumptious options for Japanese-inspired street food.
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#7 Unity Diner
London’s biggest 100 percent vegan diner and bar will not disappoint. Come for the food, linger over the cocktails and stay for the good vibes.
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#8 Pho
A piping hot bowl of soupy noodles is all one needs to counter the blustery climes and Pho Cafe delivers this in spades.
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#9 V Rev Vegan Diner
Massive burgers and jumbo hotdogs heaving with sauce and a mini mountain of toppings is the order of the day at Manchester eatery V Rev Vegan Diner.
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#10 Mildreds
Expect a diverse but curated menu that wanders down Asia one moment, and then the Levant the next, at Mildreds.
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Greggs, UK's largest bakery chain, launched a vegan version of their famous sausage roll that started it all in January 2019. Today, it has countless vegan food options to choose from, including plant-based wraps, steak bakes and doughnuts. The menu has proved so popular since its launch that even non-vegans now flock to the popular chain to get their hands on the vegan goodies.

Member Rikesh says, “How have I not reviewed the famous vegan sausage roll before?! This was a serious game-changer in the UK when it was released! So affordable at only £1 and now they also sell them frozen in some of the supermarkets. I’m sure all the UK Vegans will have tried this! 😋 💚 #abillionlove.”

This grab-and-go café has been making organic coffee, sandwiches and a variety of healthy snacks for nearly 35 years. They’ve been expanding around the world with shops in Europe, Asia, New York and Canada. From Meatless Meatball Wraps to their vegan Chilli Enchilada, you can now choose from even more plant-based twists on Pret classics. “I prefer Pret a Manger over the other coffee shops. This wrap is very nice, with fresh vegetables and yummy hummus. I really enjoyed it and the price is right.” @raffavegme

The 5 Best Vegan QSRs in the UK
A few years ago, walking into a quick service restaurant and ordering a vegan burger, fries and shake would’ve been impossible. The rapid evolution of the vegan movement has made finding vegan ‘dirty’ comforting food effortless. Since then, there have been countless permutations of these dishes. Here, we pick out the top 5 fully vegan quick service restaurants in the UK that will surely have you coming back for more.
#1 What The Pitta
Regulars and visitors come to What the Pitta for one reason: it’s “meaty” soy pieces spiced to perfection.
#2 Oowee Vegan
Veganized delicious classics like burgers made from homemade seitan to loaded fries and thick vegan shakes take centre stage at Oowee Vegan.
#3 Temple of Seitan
The first vegan fried chicken shop in the UK has a cult following, and for good reason too.
#4 Young Vegans Pie Shop
The Young Vegans Pie shop is a national treasure for serving up meatless and dairy-free treats without sacrificing on taste.
#5 The Vurger Co
Craving for fast food? The Vurger Co has you covered and more thanks to its use of whole plant ingredients.