This little red dot is fast becoming a vegan paradise. In 2022, our members chalked up over 18,000 reviews of 10,000 dishes on abillion, from an array of cuisines. Based on our analysis, the largest number of vegan dish reviews are from restaurants in the central district, with independent restaurants getting the most love from our members. Which vegan dishes bagged their spot in the top 50? Get to know them here.

This is the best pho, the broth is so flavourful and I love using all the chilli padi provided (I even like it more than when I used to eat meat) #veganisnotscary #singapore #vietnamese.

One of my favourite dishes here. This maki has a great balance on contents, always excellent avocado on top and is served with a good portion of wasabi, ginger and grated carrot. The vegan Mayo on top complements each bite.

First time trying this dish. This dish consists of thick bee hoon, fresh vegetables and herbs, spring rolls and mushroom skewers. Sauce was served on the side. Good size portion. Love the spring rolls. The peanut toppings added an extra crunch into this dish. Overall, it was delicious! Would return to try the rest of the menu!

Interesting incorporation of crispy ‘unagi skin’ + silken tofu pockets, bound together by soft potato mash + chewy starch + delicious savoury-sweet teriyaki sauce 😋 Would be even better if the soft rice was chewy short-grain Japanese rice!! :’) 🍘 $12! #japanese #rice.

This is one of the most delicious things I've eaten! The pitta is from Israel, so light and fluffy, stuffed with baked-to-perfection cauliflower, incredible tahini and herbs. Divine!

Really enjoyed this refreshing dish. A variety of ‘meats’ from mushroom to seitan, greens in a pleasant full-bodied broth.

I loved Unagi before going vegan, and truth be told I’ve missed it since. This is the perfect substitute, everything from the texture to the flavour really hits the spot! #veganisnotscary #vegansushi #veganunagi #unagi #singapore.

IN LOVE!! So good!! The dips (babaganoush and hummus and tahini were so good and falafel were one of the best I have had! :) Place is vegan! Plus really friendly staff!

Mama Mia, it was really good. Definitely recommend the burger, loved that they also added shitake mushrooms and this wonderful vegan Mayo that went so well with the lion mane mushroom patty. Highly recommend!

Crunchy fried “ebi”, creamy avocado and tangy mayo. Hard to go wrong with this combination!

Amazing baguette. Incredibly nutritious, cheap and tasty. Just $10!! I liked that it comes in just one paper bag if you order it for delivery, nothing unnecessary.

Absolute Mala delight~ it is normal to get the spicy but not so often the numbing. This bowl of Mala is so satisfying. 😋.

Really enjoyed this dish, very flavourful fillings with crispy tortilla wrap and very well done potato chunks (generous portion too) loved the side dips as well.

This was so good. I rarely come to the east and I’m so glad I did!!! 😍

I love the jackfruit and dill combo. Quite a cheesy pizza. My favourite one here. Like the thin crust too! Perfect for sharing and feels light to eat #abillionlove.

What’s special about this is the mildly spicy and rich broth, added with fried “crab” and filled tofu.

This is DIVINE. If you haven’t tried this tindle chicken already, you have to go. My favourite style so far has been this katsu curry, it works so well when it’s breaded in lovely panko crumbs and the rich sauce too! Give it a go 🤯.

So delicious! Good amount of spice. Excellent flavours, good value for money!

Love the tasty combination of avocado and beetroot, plus the hearty vegetables makes it a healthy junk food 😝

I love these summer rolls, they are fresh, super crunchy and the highlight for me is the dark peanut sauce that goes with it! #veganisnotscary #singapore #vietnamese.

Look at the generous amt of curry!! This was a rly hefty bowl and the ‘pork’ was nice breaded and crispy. Came w very huge chunks of potatoes and carrots too!

Really enjoyed these Din Tai Fung vegetables dumplings! The filling is simple (mushrooms and dark green leafy veggies) but works well!

Truffle and mushrooms is an unbeatable combination! Dumpling skin wasnt overly thick. Loved this dish, would order again 🤤.

This is just SOOO GOOD 🤩🤩 It’s spicy it’s moist, the tindle’s texture and taste is just like the real thing. The buns are also fluffy and amazing. I just love the dish.

Go to place to get vegan waffles. The chocolate sorbet was nice too!

Would you just look at that!!! It’s a mountain of corn chips with generous amount of guac and cheese sauce!! 😍#abillionturns3.

Subtly seasoned QQ kolo mee, sweet potato leaves (the veggies rotate regularly), kidney beans, minced tofu, cai pu, long beans & a small sprinkle of roasted peanuts. Earthy thunder tea soup!#veganisnotscary.

The fried beancurd skin is so good!! Really the best! And the kolo mee is prime! All very affordable and my favourite vegetarian stall.

Generous amount of mushrooms and creamy like the regular dairy-mayo — a simple, yet delicious burger that fills the stomach!😋.

This may be the closest thing to sashimi that I tried and I love it! It’s got the texture down and although it may not taste like real sashimi it taste pretty good especially when dipped in the sauce #day5 #1reviewaday #veganisnotscary.

Love the lemak rice! All the ingredients and esp peanuts are so good! Chilli also yummz! Ask for eggless to veganise this #veganisnotscary.

My favourite pita at Miznon 🙃 Softest pita in town 🙌The falafel is super soft and crumbly and the tahini + pita + falafel combination creates an explosion of flavours 🤯.

This was delicious! The JUST egg is mind blowing, it's my first time trying it and it really comes very close to an actual omelette. The omni meat is very tasty too, after finishing the dish I felt like I just ate a lot of meat 😅.

The black pepper taste was not too strong which I liked. It’s also not very spicy. I would recommend this for non-veg people because the texture is like ground meat patty.

The falafels were so amazingly crunchy??!! The sauce and the hummus were great too! Salad was fresh and well seasoned. I love how healthy this dish was haha and it’s great for sharing too :) #abillionturns3.

This is sinfully good! This is how I've been eating my greens these past few days! 😂🥗 Spinach is so flavorful. The fries are crunchy and not so salty.

Very tasty ‘luncheon’ sushi, recommend giving it a try if you’re at green common 😊 The luncheon meat tastes convincing and the pineapple topping goes well together.

Standard cheeseburger. But 10/10So good.Bun was very fluffy, cheese was melty, patty was yummy! I loved it!

Very nutritious, tasty pita. Delicious mushrooms and sauce :).

Impossible satay was charred perfectly. Love the smokiness of the char and the nice blend of spices in the impossible meat. Grated pineapple provided the right amount of tanginess in the satay sauce. Served with steamed rice cake, cucumber and red onions on the side.

Super tasty dish- the broth was amazing! It comes with vegan cheese, omni luncheon, Maggie noodles, emoji mushroom, tofu, and a couple pieces of tteokbokki.

wow 🤤 i wasn’t expecting to be so blown away by a croissant but here i am. it was really light, soft and fluffy. kinda like a mildly toasted cloud ☁️.

#VeganIsNotScary #488This is the best Vegan Pizza I ever ate! The crust was thin & crispy. When bites the pizza, it was very juicy and tasty. This pizza super yummy 🤤.

The truffle taste is quite strong! The crust is thin and a little hard, so if you’re a thin-crust lover you can try this! Very flavourful and it tastes so good.

First time trying the dish. I was amazed at the taste. Really good even without the sauce. Texture mimicked chicken quite well with the use of lion mane mushroom.

Absolutely loved this! Crispy, battered mushrooms generously tossed in a sweet and sour sauce 🤤 complements the other spicy dishes (such as the kimchi jjigae) well!

First question that pooped into my mind when I ate this: HOW DOES FRIED POTATOES TASTE THAT GOOD?? I blame this dish for my unhealthy obsession with these Szechuanese tater tots that rivals Rick's obsession with Szechuan Sauce.

Great dish! The meatballs were amazing. Well seasoned, flavourful, and great texture. The al dente pasta came drenched in delicious Arrabiata sauce. Will order this again!

I really enjoyed this dish too! The use of Tindle in this is spectacular when paired with the cashews and capsicum that is also also present in the dish 👍.

Love this burger — the crispy mushroom patties were fried to perfection. Enjoyed the pairing with the creamy “cheese”. Wish there could’ve been more lettuce!