It’s summertime and we’re all looking for ways to beat the heat, and do so in a way without involving animals or plundering the planet. This month, we’re bringing back our World’s Best Vegan Ice Creams for 2022. This year’s result tells us two major things: That as a community, we’re eating more vegan ice cream than ever and that there are more companies big and small producing non-dairy versions. How do we know? Our team of data scientists dived into over 15,000 reviews in 77 countries to bring forth reviews from global giant Magnum to small boutique producers like Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

Fior di Natura
Gelato alla Soia Tiramisù Variegato al Caffè
"One of the best vegan ice creams I've ever tasted! You don't get the soy aftertaste at all! Will absolutely be buying it again!"
Gran Cookie
"Buonissimo! In my opinion there is no difference in taste between this and the classic cookie, a biscuit with oat flakes that gives it the right crunchiness."
Biscotto Amando con Frutti di Bosco
"The best of the vegan ready-made ice creams I've tasted so far. The sweet flavor of the almond milk is dampened by the slightly salty biscuit, creating a really nice combination."
Dairy Free Almond
"I was beyond excited when I had a chance to try the pain vegan Magnum on a trip to UK. Imagine my joy when on my first trip in 3 years to UK I find almond Magnum. It tastes just like the Magnums I remember from 12 years ago."
Brownie Love
"I seriously still can't believe that there are vegan ice creams that are this good! It just so amazing!! I love it so much."
Ben & Jerry's
Netflix & Chilll'd Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
"So happy that Ben & Jerry's have many vegan options. Their ice cream is super creamy and no coconut. Great for those who do not like coconut."
Helado Vegano sabor Cheese-Cake
"It is very rich and I love that they have put a different flavor than the typical ones. The cookie could be a bit crunchier, but it's still great."
Not Icecream Chocolate Tabletas Hechas a Base de Plantas
"I am FASCINATED with this ice cream. It's delicious and the chocolate coating is just 🤤 can't wait for people to realize that something like this exists to stop them from eating ugly speciesist ice cream"
Finest Chocolate Bars
"Very good 100% chocolate sticks to enjoy under the rays of the sun! The shell is crunchy and crispy and the coconut-based ice cream super creamy, I approve!!"
So Delicious
Salted Caramel Cluster Cashewmilk Frozen Dessert
"This might be my favourite vegan ice cream out of all the other brands and flavors I've tried. Soooo delicious, can't get enough of it 🤩"
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