Based on over 27,000 reviews from over 12,000 abillion members in 75 countries, here are 2022’s Best Vegan Burgers winners. With a 150% increase in global interest in vegan burgers, and particularly high changes in Italy and Brazil, more brands are gaining popularity in the growing market. See if your favorite burgers made the list.

Burger 100% Vegetale
"My usual supermarket doesn't sell them but I finally found them, by chance, in another one. Really very good! Tasty and not dry. Definitely to be bought again."
Burger Broccoli & Kale
"Great burgers with broccoli and salt that are a source of protein and cook in just three minutes! Worth a try!"
Beyond Meat
Beyond Burger
"I was completely amazed! These taste just like meat, it made me a little uncomfortable but they are tasty and don't have a bad after taste (ethical or physical) like animal meat does. Best burger I've had."
Burgers Originali
"I have really enjoyed these burgers. They seem so real! Texture was impressively similar to real meat and taste was also good. They cooked quickly, I have put some vegan cheese on the top to give extra flavour. Recommended especially for those who are not vegan yet. I would defo buy again."
Fior di Natura
"A really great product. Combined with vegan mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato, you can enjoy a great burger!!! Highly recommended!!!"
Fantastic Burger
"Good and tasty. I find them at most discount stores. Quite cheap too. In line with other burgers on the market"
Mini Burger con Ceci e Avena
"Very good and crunchy on the outside! They are 4 small burgers that, unlike others with chickpeas, are not dry!"
Hamburguesas de Soja
"I love. They have a lot of flavor, their texture is firm, they do not fall apart, they are easy to get and they have a very accessible price."
Garden Gourmet
Sensational Burger
"For me the best fake meat burger I've tried. Great look, texture and flavor. A little more expensive than others but worth it."
Impossible Foods
Impossible Burger Patties
"These burgers are in our weekly rotation in my house! They really are delicious and so easy to make! Put a slice of violife provolone on top with pickles and tomato. Yum!"
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