The vegan chocolate market is booming. Over the last year, members across 74 countries contributed 21,000 reviews of plant-based chocolate products. We’ve analysed the data and brought to you the World’s 10 Best Vegan Chocolates 2021. This year, brands like LoveRaw, NOMO and Vego dominate the dairy-free chocolate awards, but we’re excited to see other names such as Aguila, Felices Las Vacas, and Un Rincón Vegano taking the spotlight. Satisfy your sweet cravings while making sure no animals are harmed. Sustainable and cruelty-free chocolate for the win.

Cre&m Filled Wafer Bars
"Oh. My. God. These bars are SO good! The chocolate itself is just amazing and tastes like dairy chocolate, and these bars have a hazelnut cocoa cream filling and a wafer layer. These taste just like Kinder bueno bars. They are so good you won’t believe it’s vegan, you have to try these!"
Caramel Chocolate Bar
"Sooooo delicious, oh my word! Just as tasty as the Cadbury caramel bar IMO, I will be buying this to hopefully impress my non-vegan caramel-loving sister. The NOMO mylk chocolate is super creamy and the caramel centre is a nice slightly gooey consistency."
Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
"The OG of vegan chocolate 🍫 I honestly believe hazelnut and chocolate are the best couple ever! This is a big bar. So delicious."
Alfajor de Coco
"I basically ate it in 10 seconds and I regret not buying another🤣"
Chocolate Taza Semiamargo
"In my opinion the best chocolate. You can eat it directly or the BEST thing is to mix it with non-dairy milk! It's super bomb."
Alfajor Negro
"I always buy it, I love this alfajor. Tasty, soft & with a good amount of dulce de leche. Good chocolate & beautiful golden packaging!"
"Delicious chocolate wafer, and on top of that it's vegan, what else can you ask for? Best example of 'accidentally vegan."
White Vanilla
"This is, hands down, one of the best things ever made. It's vegan, it's white chocolate, and the wrapper is compostable?! One of my favourite discoveries in Vancouver!"
Veggie Break
Alfajor Vegano Relleno con Dulce de Leche de Almendra
"Very delicious! The best of all the ones I tried of this type, the dulce de leche, the dough, the chocolate, exquisite!"
Ritter Sport
Dark Chocolate 61%
"Super delicious chocolate bar that tastes like heaven 😍 Glad Ritter sport has vegan chocolate that's affordable!"
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