Based on 16,000 reviews of 3,000 cheese products submitted by members in 70 countries, here are 2021’s winners of the World’s 10 Best Vegan Cheese. The winning cheeses have been determined by ratings, review counts, and sentiment scores. The dairy-free cheese product range has expanded significantly to suit consumer preferences from around the world. Plant-based cheesemakers have cracked the distinctive stretchy texture that is a hallmark of dairy cheese; today, we can find great alternative versions of much loved cheeses, including blue, feta and mozzarella. We love that no animals are harmed in making these delicious, cholesterol-free products. Great for the animals. Great for you. And great for the planet. What more could we ask for?

Bio Vegeatal
"Best vegan cheese. It’s sharp and the texture is perfect. Grate it up for pasta, slice it for a charcuterie board, eat it like a cheese stick. Highly recommended."
"It is the best vegan mozzarella I tried in Argentina so far (within what is on the market). Melts and the mozzarella flavor makes the difference next to other vegan cheeses."
Just Like Cheddar Slices
"Wow I found my grilled cheese replacement! These slices did so well melting onto the bread and creating a great texture that I think is better than real cheese. I'm so excited to fill my craving for a grilled cheese sandwich!"
Just Like Parmesan Wedge
"This is by far the best vegan parm on the market! It is a great value because a little goes a long way. It has so much flavour and even my non-vegan family members love it!"
Queso Cremoso
"It’s my new favorite cheese. Excellent texture and, for me, the best tasting one so far. Ideal for pizzas, empanadas, or eating on it’s on. Highly recommend it"
Mozzarella Flavour Slices
"Out of all the vegan mozzarella cheeses I’ve tried, this has got to be the closest to the real thing not only taste wise, but meltability as well. Brings the satisfaction of my grilled cheeses to the next level 😋"
Better Than Cream Cheese
"Love this stuff! It's also gluten free! Tastes better than real cream cheese and isn't very expensive either. Super easy to put on a gf bagel and have for breakfast."
Mommus Foods
Esto no es un Queso Camembert
"The best vegan cheese I've ever tasted. The price is totally worth it."
Il CashewFicio
"One of the best vegetable cheeses ever tasted, based on cashew nuts and very few other ingredients. This is the softest and creamiest version. You can't help but try it!"
Natural Seed
"It is a good and quick option to replace grated cheese, I always used the nutritional yeast flavor cheese but this option is a little more complete to have more texture and flavor."
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