Bravely risking brain freeze and expanding waistlines, our members have spoken. Based on 300,000 independent reviews from our members, a community of people who view these products as vegan and want to share their opinions with the world!

Out of over 1,300 ice cream products on abillion we present to you the Top 20 Vegan Ice Creams for 2020.

Dairy-Free Almond
"A perfectly balanced smooth vanilla ice cream dipped in rich crunchy chocolate and roasted almonds. These changed the game when they first came out."
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy
"So so needed when I need to fill a chocolate craving - almond milk #VeganIceCream tastes awesome with the chocolate flavor, honestly way better than any conventional chocolate #IceCream I’ve had. Not to mention the fudge chunks! Love love love it, I just wish it was bigger"
Helado de Dulce de Leche
"Absolutely delicious! You can taste the Dulce de leche throughout. It is smooth on the palate, you’ll end up eating it in 2 seconds"
Not Icecream Strawberries & Cream
"Out of all the vegan ice creams, this is one of the best in terms of creamy consistency and rich flavor."
Caramel Almond Brittle
"Omg! I’m in love! This has to be one of my favorite dairy free ice cream flavors to date! I LOVE the little chunks of almond brittle! Update: I just got this again and ate the entire pint lol!"
Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream
"This is a great easy vegan alternative to ice cream! It tastes just like the normal non-vegan alternative and it’s sooooo much cheaper than the normal vegan ice creams (it’s 2.40 or so at supermarkets)! Absolutely love it - especially on a hot weekend day!"
Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
"I was so excited to try this, and it did not disappoint! I can’t believe how creamy this is and that it’s made with oats. The chocolate flavour was great but not overpowering and this dessert didn’t taste overly sugary. This is going to be my new addiction!"
Birthday Cake Cookie Dough
"It's great to see different vegan flavors of ice cream! This is the only birthday cake flavor I've seen. It has a good taste and nice amount of chunks in it. The base ice cream is not my favorite, but with everything together, it's pretty good!"
Gelato Sandwich
"Ever since a friend introduced me to this, I've been addicted! Just like the gelato's that I remember from my pre-vegan days and living in Sicily, and even better then the traditional ice-cream sandwiches that I grew up with and loved."
Chocolate Cookies N' Cream Cashewmilk
"I love the taste of this product it’s smooth and I love the bits of cookie that you taste throughout the container. It’s a very good product and a genius spin on the classic cookies n cream flavor."
Lotta Mint Chip
"This mint chocolate chip ice cream is amazing!! It reminds me of my favorite mint chocolate chip ice creams from before I went vegan, and has a nice light and creamy texture and isn’t too sweet. Highly recommend."
Salted Caramel Swirl Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
"I usually prefer cashew milk frozen desserts over Coconut milk. Not this time, this was so delicious and refreshing. IKR, refreshing sounds weird for a nut milk dessert. Still it was and I didn’t need a gallon of water after I finished it. Def recommend!!"
Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream
"All of the Alpro products are definitely worth the rave that they get. I tried this nondairy hazelnut chocolate ice cream this past summer and I definitely really enjoyed it. I’m not the biggest fan of hazelnut but it was actually really nice!!!"
Icepop 72%
"Anyone who tries this ice pop will fall in love! Creaminess and intense chocolate"
Helado de Soja con Mango y Frambuesa
"This ice cream is delicious! Soy-based and gluten-free."
Cornetto Dairy Free
"Absolutely delicious and worth every single lick 👅"
Helado Sabor Café Latte
"This ice cream is delicious. Apparently these are healthier because they are sweetened with dates."
Chocolate Salted Caramel
"Certainly one of the nicer chocolate ice creams I’ve had as I’m usually not a fan. It’s a great flavour. From a luxury Vegan brand, it makes a good gift too!"
Dairy-free Onde Onde Ice Cream
"My absolutely favourite ice cream from them so far!!! It even has chewy bits of the ondeh ondeh kueh in it which makes it so super satisfying and delicious. Can't have enough of this!"
Non-Dairy Dilly Bars
"I can’t tell you how excited I was for this product!!! As a child I loved Dilly Bars! The Coconut Cream Ice Cream is wonderful and not overwhelming with coconut! The chocolate layer is delicious!!"