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We believe that every choice counts, and that small actions can lead to big impact. Becoming an abillion ambassador gives you the power to inspire others to join our mission.

With every person you introduce to abillion, you are taking a step closer towards a better future and will be rewarded for your efforts.

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Take action for animals & the environment

We're on a mission to inspire a billion people to go vegan by 2030, and we're excited that you're joining us. By getting people to download the abillion app, choose anything vegan and review it, you're making a difference, every single time.

Save Animal Lives
Your reviews are matched with donation credits that support non-profit organisations dedicated to farm animal protection, wildlife conservation, nature regeneration and advocacy. We've donated close to $3million since we started the app in 2018!
Encourage Businesses to Do Better
Promote a more compassionate lifestyle by sharing your feedback on abillion with business owners and brands worldwide to encourage them to offer more plant-based options.
Help People Go Vegan
The more reviews posted on the app, the more options people see when they're looking for vegan food or products. Lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and inspire others to do the same.
Get Rewarded for Spreading the Word
By inviting others to the app using your invitation code, you can get paid as an abillion ambassador. Start spreading the word and get rewarded for your efforts.
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Ambassador Dashboard

Your ambassador dashboard is where you see the impact you're making in real-time, with your unique invitation link. Simply keep track of how many people are joining the movement thanks to you and use that knowledge to inspire more to make a difference.


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