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We’re here to help a billion people save the planet.

Awarded #2 most innovative consumer review platform in 2022

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Discover sustainable food, beauty and fashion anywhere

It’s easy when abillion has 2.5 million consumer reviews for more than 500,000 vegan dishes and products. Uncover the best places to eat, globally.


Find friends for your sustainability journey

Join one million intentional consumers, sellers and everyday sustainability enthusiasts. Exchange tips and recommendations for finding the best plant-based products.


Create impact with small actions

Every review you create earns you credit to support over 60 impactful causes.

Anyone can sell in 42 countries on the world’s first peer-to-peer & direct-to-consumer marketplace focused on sustainability. A portion of every transaction goes to creating impact.

Directly influence over 200,000 businesses on abillion to offer more eco-friendly options.

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Our community's impact

Given to over 60 impactful causes or invested into abillion by members
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Loved by people everywhere

Rated 4.9 out of 5 in the app store
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Love this app - it’s a great resource for those who want to transition to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle and for those already there.

@yumiph 🇺🇸
Excellent WIN-WIN-WIN initiative which brings ecological-social conscious companies closer to their customers, and supports donations to institutions that care and support animals!

@rafaelporto 🇵🇹
Even as a 15 year-old vegetarian, it feels like I’m discovering a whole new world.

@tlcping 🇸🇬
It’s helping me so much to know more products that I didn’t have a clue that exists! And most of the reviews are really honest and it’s the perfect app to be part of a community.

@thaly2608 🇲🇽
I’ve discovered countless new vegan products and been inspired to live my life in a more sustainable way.

@tazRSA 🇿🇦

Valued by 4,700+ companies
around the world

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